4 Ways to Beat Fatigue When Standing at Work

Standing at Work

Standing all day is a requirement for some jobs, but doing so can leave the average employee feeling tired after a day’s work. This fatigue may only compound with time when you first start your new position until you’ve become accustomed to standing for most of the day. So, how do you combat this fatigue and make it easier for you to focus on your job moving forward? Let’s dive into four ways you can beat low energy and pain when working on your feet all day.

1. Get yourself some inserts that support your health and comfort.


Besides being tiring, wearing shoes without insoles can mean dealing with foot pain, back pain, and knee pain each day. If you’re someone who has bad joints or flat feet (which requires arch support to deal with the discomfort caused to the heels and rest of the foot), the pain and fatigue may be a bit more difficult to work through as well. Going with a product like a PowerStep insert will give you the perfect cushion for your feet while simultaneously getting the unique design you need for each pair of shoes you wear to work. With the right insoles from PowerStep, you may still get tired, but you won’t feel as exhausted due to the pain you encounter after work.

2. Look for comfortable clothing that you can stand in each day.

When you’re standing throughout your shift, wearing tight clothes will only exacerbate the pain and tiredness you feel. Tight clothing can also cause health issues like nerve pain, acid reflux, and poor circulation. Put simply, you want every part of your body to feel comfortable during your shift, so you don’t tire out too soon. So when you’re shopping for work clothes, like ladies pants, look for a pair of pants that’s breathable, doesn’t hug the waist or the thighs too tight, and will be comfortable to sit and stand-in. From your work shoes to your work shirts, you should look and feel great in your uniform.

3. Stock up on snacks that give you energy without a crash.


More often than not, employees will rely on sugary snacks and caffeine for a pick-me-up during work. The problem with these types of snacks and drinks is that they inevitably come with a crash. So instead, keep plenty of energy-boosting snacks on hand so that you can stay focused and energized throughout your shift. Some great snacks to keep on you include trail mix, hard-boiled eggs, and protein bars. You may also want to ask your employer what types of snacks they carry and suggest the workplace switch to healthier alternatives if you discover that most snacks are sugary.

4. Have a list of things you can do when work gets slow.

It can be easy to focus on how tired you are if you don’t have anything to do during your shift. If things seem to hit a wall, look for ways to keep yourself occupied. This can mean organizing stuff around the workplace, helping out a teammate that may have some extra work of their own, or seeing if any customers need support. It may not always be the best way to pass the time, but if it can keep your mind off of feeling tired, it’s worth it!

Do you find yourself feeling exhausted after a day on your feet? If so, you don’t have to stand around and take it. Instead, use the tips above to make yourself more comfortable, find ways to stay energized, and get more out of your time when things slow down.