7 Best User Testing Software Tools Heading Into 2020

Software Tools Heading Into 2020

When it comes to usability, most business and product owners turn to an Internal Quality Assurance (QA) team or an outsourced focus group, not realizing that there is great User Testing Software on the market. Although focus groups and QA teams work well, these groups can be costly and not very time efficient. There are some great usability software tools coming for 2020 that can be useful for various aspects of your business whether you would like to expand worldwide or stay in-country.


  • 1. PlaybookUX


PlaybookUX is a great tool if you’re looking to have on the spot feedback from users both in-country and internationally. Using international user testing gives you the ability to see how your target audience enjoys your product, prototype, or website. Testing is affordable and will not break your user experience budget. View recorded videos of users demonstrating your product and providing commentary while conducting the demonstration. If you’re seeking international feedback, this testing tool provides you with the feedback you need in a language you can understand with their translation services.


  • 2. Crazy Egg


If you’re looking for a great tool that helps you optimize your website, then Crazy Egg is your best bet. This tool allows you to get to know your website visitors, know how they’re using your website and change variants on your pages using A/B testing. The testing tool allows the user to test the usability of various variants and shows the statistics for each variant. Crazy Egg has built-in visual reports and individual session recordings that allow you to get to know your target audience and their preferences.


  • 3. UserTesting.com


UserTesting.com is a great tool for business owners to get feedback instantly. This tool allows you to interact with the user and conduct live interviews while the user is demonstrating the product, allows you to view self-guided videos of your customers interacting with your product and even helps you target your audience using UserTesting’s diverse panel.


  • 4. TestRail


If you have an in-house QA team TestRail is a great option to optimize your case management system. This product works alongside popular products like JIRA to provide useful add-ons like live issue/defect reports. This product is great for managing your use cases in a proficient way that allows you to incorporate your existing case management software.


  • 5. Usability Hub


The Usability Hub software focuses on the design of your product and allows the product owner to see first click tests. These tests show where the user is clicking first when they reach the landing page. Focus groups for the testing on this website can come from a panel of your own users or a Usability Hub panel.


  • 6. ClickTale


ClickTale analyzes your product or service using customer experience analytics. ClickTale has developed machine learning algorithms that allow them to visualize and surface behavioral patterns in data.


  • 7. Optimal Workshop


Optimal Workshop allows the user access to five research tools; tree testing, first-click testing, card sorting, online surveys, and Qualitative research. Tree testing tests the information architecture and design of your product. First-click testing allows the user to run tests on wireframes. This tool is great for products and websites that are in the beginning stages.

Depending on what you’re interested in testing, there are some great tools on the market heading into 2020 that are completely remote and have the ability to perform various testing on your product or website. If you’re looking for a great tool that has the ability to test internationally with translation services, PlaybookUX is the ideal product. Even if you’re just hosting a website user testing software is necessary. Users can get lost and frustrated when it comes to design concepts and it is important to change your design and focus on the feedback from your target audience.