Crucial Tools That Any Mining Business Should Have

Mining Business Should Have

The mining industry is profitable. With the right resources, mining license, and funding, you’re halfway done in setting up a business. Mining involves extracting precious metals like gold, copper, silver, and other geological substances from or beneath the earth’s surface. Whether you choose to focus your mining operations on the surface or deep underground, be well equipped to carry out your business. What’s more, depending on the type of mining you decide to focus on, you’ll need specific tools for every process. Listed below are some crucial tools any mining business should have.

Threat Intelligence Platforms

The number of miners in a mining operation and the environment on the ground increase the risks of doing this business. No doubt, there are many more issues associated with mining operations. Some of these include bribery, corruption, displacement of local communities, and the depletion of natural resources. Other threats include environmental factors that can cause health problems for your workers.

Beyond regulatory requirements, mining companies like Alamos gold, Turkey (with headquarters based in Northern Ontario) understand the vulnerabilities that come with a gold mining project, whether in the Republic of Turkey or in North America. However, because of their training and extensive knowledge when operating mines, they’ve succeeded in reducing those risk factors. Their success attests to the fact that they’ve overcome the struggle to reduce the dangers to which workers are exposed daily. Naturally, certain threats, such as dust blasts, might still remain. However, they’re always taken into account by responsible companies like Alamos.


It’s also possible that companies like Alamos Gold (AGI: NYSE) use a threat intelligence platform that offers real-time threat intelligence to help them set up, support, and protect their mining operations. With such a tool, your business will be kept alert to potential dangers. You’ll be able to spot threats in various areas. It’s clearly important to incorporate technology into your business, and a threat intelligence platform can help your business every step of the mining process.

Threat intelligence uses machine learning. It can help locate where there are deposits of precious metal. Once done, the tool will determine the amount of deposit and help with threat detection in those areas. Furthermore, it can gather threat data and review past incidents that happened around the mine. The tool can also provide detailed information about those past activities. This might include protests, bombings, and more.

The tool can further provide daily or weekly intelligence reports that also include information about emerging threats and more. Of course, you might need a human analyst to manage the threat intelligence feed, however, it’s totally worth the investment. You can even store all the threat information gotten from the report in standard formats like JSON, STIX, XML, or CSV and review it with colleagues. Once reviewed, your company can take action to determine future economic benefits as well as past accidents in order to understand their origin and your responsibilities. This way, you’ll be able to determine how to avoid the repetition of catastrophes or daily accidents that might lead to the death of a miner.

A threat intelligence platform is an incredibly interesting and crucial tool in your mining business. It’ll help you make informed and better decisions before embarking on any mining operation.

Equipment Monitoring Spreadsheets

As insignificant as this may be, it’s a crucial tool in your mining business. An equipment sign out sheet is used to keep an eye on the equipment, workflow, and assets of the company. The sign-out sheet would usually contain the name and signature of the employee, the date of issuance, and the due date or return date. Also, some sheets contain details of the pieces of equipment used and other information necessary. There are various sheet templates available.

Earth Moving Machines


Earth-moving machines are also known as heavy trucks or heavy vehicles. They’re crucial equipment in mining operations and are used to move the earth from one place to another. While there’s much earth-moving equipment you can purchase for your mining business. Bulldozers, backhoe loaders, dragline excavators are just some examples. These pieces of equipment are normally used to dig, move and transport large quantities of earth.

Blasting and Crushing Tools

The process of blasting is a high-risk aspect of mining. It involves the use of explosives and other techniques to break rocks for excavation. Over time, the use of technology has improved the blasting processes. Blasting equipment is used to get rid of unwanted material that blocks miners from accessing materials.

Crushing tools are tools used to lessen the size of large rocks. They’re heavy equipment used in underground and open-pit mining. This equipment use force to break and separate materials of interest found in the earth.

Drilling Tools

As their names suggest, drilling tools are used to drill holes into the ground so that miners can quickly and easily reach material deposits buried deep inside the earth’s surface. These mining tools are commonly used in open pit and underground mining. There are several drilling tools, such as multiple rock drills, coal drills or electric augers, rope thread equipment, and more. Over time, there have been significant improvements in drilling machinery.