Best Cloud Storage Solutions For Every Use-Case

Cloud Storage

Over the past decade, everyday protocols for businesses across various industries have become more dependent upon new storage solutions for data storage and information sharing. At no time in business, history was this more apparent than last year when social distancing regulations forced companies to integrate new remote team membership and long-distance client relationships into the normal workflow.

For that, new data solutions were needed, making cloud storage technology more important than ever. Here, we will look at some of the best cloud storage solutions for every use case and how they could apply to your industry.

Cloud Storage Ease of Use


The integration of cloud-based storage was already viewed as an industry standard before the Covid-19 pandemic. However, with a mobile device and mobile app-based functionality, a new norm in business communications, the necessity of remote working made the data solution a necessity for workflow. Even outside of the business world, public members are accustomed to using personal cloud features with their home office setup; for business-based cloud storage, the concepts are the same, but numerous key features are geared towards a fast turnaround and safe data sharing. Also, encryption and cybersecurity are crucial due to the value of an intellectual property and financial exchanges. Modern cloud storage services have risen to meet those demands, keeping high-profile industries’ most valued assets and communications in mind when that data is sent into the cloud.

For example, according to Venterra CEO John Foresi, whose experiences in the realty market require quick communication and sure-fire cybersecurity protocols, cloud data storage is one of the most beneficial technologies used in his industry. For large-file uploads of property schematics, financial paperwork, and the legal, due diligence required of ongoing real estate transactions, an industrial-strength cloud storage solution is ideal. When coupled with an encrypted digital data room, entire business deals can occur outside of the traditional office space.

Likewise, both the healthcare industry and various subsets of scientific research continue to benefit from cloud data sharing. In the push to benefit those disabled of the ability to walk, exoskeleton technology firms have trust cloud-based storage for the massive files needed in every step of their developmental process. State-of-the-art exoskeleton therapy, which is committed to helping individuals with paralysis gain the ability to walk using a robotic exoskeleton, has evolved. The companies behind the most cutting-edge innovations have bypassed logistical problems set by travel bans using cloud storage and remote access. Thanks to that technology, those crucial communications for prototype development never lost a step, literally.

Business Solutions vs. Home Needs

Aside from the pragmatic uses that cloud-based storage provides for different industries, small-business entrepreneurs have been able to utilize cloud innovations to their advantage. As an alternative to hard drive storage, a cloud system can give small business owners the tools needed to set up their company in a virtual setting. This allows a seamless workflow for customer experience and communication with their team members. No matter the number of employees, a shared cloud system can take office space out of the equation.

Anyone familiar with consumer-level clouds, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, already knows the convenience of having important data always at hand. With at-home office spaces in mind, new home cloud storage platforms have begun to provide many of the key features offered by the industrial-level alternatives. For example, options for a private cloud give the same level of individuality and customization as a traditional external hard drive, but with cloud-based mobility. Likewise, using only a solid internet connection and wi-fi, business owners can communicate with their customers, clients, and employees. Also, they are always able to present the necessary data on a case-by-case basis.

Cloud Solutions and Your Business


With the many storage options available for your own personal cloud use, there are numerous ways in which this technology can enable your company to increase productivity and workflow. If you are the owner or office manager of a corporate entity not currently utilizing a modern cloud service, there are clinical trials to test the size and outreach customizations that could be right for your industry and company size. Likewise, if you are a small-business owner working off a home network, even the smallest upgrades could be a good idea in attaining the benefits of cloud solutions.

With capabilities that enhance both your employee experience and customer experience, a cloud solution is one of the few investments that can adhere to any new technology that will come along. Regardless of your brick-and-mortar entity opts to switch for virtual office workflow or vice-versa, your data is secure, no matter the file size. If you ever upgrade hardware, software, or your company expands, a cloud solution is one technology that grows along with you. It’s a smarter way to set yourself up for success.