Tech That Will Make Running Your Business A Breeze


In this cybernetic age, we look towards software and technology to solve our business problems. Every small business needs technological solutions to launch its company onto larger waters. Businesses are constantly looking for insight on the new technology that will help boost their team’s productivity and workflow. This can include anything from mobile devices to retail analytics software.

Big data plays an important role in our business’ advancement. Businesses can benefit from big data through analytical software that enhances the customer’s experience. For example, a retail shop may want a good POS system that can help them track their sales and inventory so they never run out of things in their shop. This will keep customers happy and their store, stocked. Here are some tech solutions that will make running your business a breeze.

Retail analytics software solutions to stay on top of your inventory


Retail analytics are crucial when providing good customer service. It helps businesses make smart decisions based on accurate forecasting. It eliminates the chance variable from successful businesses’ formula. These analytics solutions can generate reports tailored to each specific business and can plan the best possible course of action to make more sales.

The best retail analytics software in the market right now is Enhanced Retail Solutions (ESR). ESR provides its customers with inventory reporting and data solutions to optimize the interpretation of gathered retail data. Their software will collect and validate your POS data with augmented intelligence and integrates it with an inventory or 3rd party data in a single platform. ESR offers DIY reporting tools, reports, and dashboards based on your business needs. Additionally, ESR implements a tool to help you define your business’ best practices based on weekly analytics, store performance and execution, liabilities, lost sales, and other attributes.

Autonomous software solutions for IT services


A lot of businesses don’t have the capabilities to strongly uphold their technological competency. They sometimes cannot set up a secured network or Internet protocol for their teams because they are not tech-savvy. Moreover, some companies put their cybersecurity in the hands of hackers or untrustworthy services without even knowing it. However, there is a game-changer in the IT industry that can help businesses establish secured and maintained network systems, and it’s called Managed Teams by Devsu.

Devsu’s Managed Teams solution helps businesses develop their technological systems as an extension of your team. Their innovative skillset help amplify your team’s capabilities by filling the technological gaps in your business. Their services include software delivery, data science, and cloud computing, among others. Conveniently, their agile development practices ensure continuous product delivery and improvement. They will maintain transparent communication with you regarding regular updates of your services. As if that wasn’t enough, they have partnerships with Toyota, Pluto TV, and SightX.

VoIP phone services to improve your team’s communication


Another tech solution that will help you smoothly run your business is VoIP systems. VoIP systems can help businesses scale their services through cloud-based solutions as it’s easy to add phone lines to them. They can also help in marketing as you can create different extensions and advertise them on billboards or TV ads to help reach wider audiences. Additionally, the remote connectivity that comes with VoIP is incomparable. This means your team can communicate with the rest of your team members from all over the world. All you need is a good VoIP system like MagicApple and a stable Internet connection.

MagicApple offers reliable and trustworthy VoIP phone systems to companies looking to take their businesses to a cloud-based level. Their services include voicemail to email, virtual fax, IVR, call center solutions, audio and video conferencing, and call recording, among other features. Some of their partners include WebMD and Goodwill.

Digital headquarters for organization and productivity


A digital headquarters (or workspace) can help businesses run smoothly thanks to the increased flexibility it offers them. Additionally, they can reduce operational and overhead costs while simultaneously increasing revenue. Employees perform better when they have the flexibility to ask questions without needing to move from their desks. Not to mention, this can enhance a company’s communication and opportunities for innovation because their teams can openly speak without wasting any time.

Companies like Slack offer companies the ability to transform their brick-and-mortar buildings into digital HQs. Slack makes work-life simpler by providing a complete digital ecosystem for businesses to thrive. It brings together all of your teams’ communications without losing anything in the cluttered emails. It allows teams to share files and keeps them handy for future references. Additionally, you can set reminders and integrate their services with Google Calendar among other popular apps.

Every company is different and with each service need, there exists a technological solution. Whether your company needs a solid IT team, a digital headquarter, or effective communication, there is a solution for you.