Emilio Dillon

Editorial Director

Emilio Dillon leads Kacerr’s editorial staff. He is passionate about driving positive change and helping our readers navigate the path ahead.

Tech That Will Make Running Your Business A Breeze

In this cybernetic age, we look towards software and technology to solve our business problems. Every small business needs technological solutions to launch its company onto larger waters. Businesses are constantly looking for insight on

Types Of Engineers

What Types Of Engineers Are There?

A career in engineering is as challenging as it’s rewarding. Engineers make the world a better place by providing innovative solutions that can be quite complex—like studying facts and statics for self-driving cars and designing

Retail Therapy Effective

Is Retail Therapy Effective?

Whatever it is that stresses you out, there’s a good chance you’re looking to your shopping cart to relieve that stress at least some of the time. Maybe you have the best psychologist in Washington